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Killer 4 Luv || Ch. 1/? ||

Title: Killer 4 Luv
Characters: The BOSS and Jisang and Gwangchul, former, suppose-to-be members of The BOSS
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst/Ummmmmmmm.. Idk
Setting: In Maui, Hawaii and South Korea
Rated: PG-13/15 it'll go bac and forth >_<
Pairing: Lee Suhoon x Park Hyunchul (MiKaram)
Warning:This is YAOI. Boy x Boy pairing. If you do not want to read, please nicely move your arrow to the top left corner where the 'go back' button is (or the red 'x' at the top right corner) and left click on your mouse [:
Summary: When he falls for his friend's lover, he can't keep himself from doing whatever it costs to get him. But what happens when it gets too out of hand? Some people say love is like a drug, making people crazy and addicted.. And it just might be true.
Credits: My BFFL for inspiring me with her randomness and her ideas ^^ and my K-pop luving buddy for giving ideas, and of course, the people that keep me writing, my readers ^^ <3
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters in this fic. They own themselves~ I own only this fic—the ideas/storyline/etc~
A/N: Hey everyoneee ^^ Newbie here in lj hehe :3 been readings fics around here but nvr bothered to really make an account but HERE I AM~ \(^-^)/ this is actually a fic i started a while bac on AMFI (The BOSS int'l forum) but i recently (sorta) scratched everything to start over >_< I hope yu guys enjoy it D: tho, mi writing isnt the best T T;;

Chapter One

.::Hyunchul's POV::.

"WE'RE FINALLY HERE!!!" We all shouted, rushing out the van and running out onto the beach.

We finally got a break from all the fame and decided to all come here to Hawaii, bringing along our close trainee and XING buddies, Jisang hyung and Gwangchullie. It was such a nice feeling to be reunited after a tiring 2 years of working and not having much time to chill together.

We each took off our shoes and socks and dipped our feet in the cool water and started playfully spashing each other, laughing and running away from each other. But our fun was soon interrupted by our manager calling out to us, telling us to hurry up and unload the van.

We all let out a disappointed 'awww' but decided we should listen and grabbed our shoes and socks and started for the van to grab our bags and raced into the house.

After deciding on who gets which room, I set my bags down as I walked into my temporary room. I strolled over to the other side of the room towards the window and opened it, taking a deep breath of the sweet scent I forgot to cherish earlier as I was too busy playing around with the others. It was a refreshing, cool, sandy, scent with a tint of saltiness of the beach. I gazed at the beautiful sun setting, slowly hiding its luminous self behind the horizon. I smiled and sat down on the queen sized bed that I was gonna be sharing with.. Him for the next week. Kyaaa~ >< I silently spazzed inside but kept my sanity incase someone were to walk in.

True, we've been sharing rooms for the past 5 years of our lives but sharing a bed and sleeping in separate beds are a WHOLE different story. I'm so glad we got stuck with the one bed bedroom. ^^ I thought of the countless possibilities that could happen between the two of us in the following week and-

"YA!! HYUNCHUL HYUNG-AH!!" Just great, Hyunmin's here to ruin my moment =_= like always.

He barged into my, no, correction: Suhoon hyung's and my room, with the goofiest smile planted across his face. Aw shit. That smile only means one thing: another one of his crazy confession ideas has just popped into that mind of his. I know that smile when I see it.

When I started developing feelings for Suhoon hyung back in our trainee days, he was the one person I could trust to tell this kind of stuff to. I knew he'd accept me no matter what. Even if I was gay. And he's been a really supportive friend. Welllll.. Maybe a bit TOO supportive.. He's been really pushy about having me confess to him for the past few months. But I guess pushy is better than discust.

I let out a sigh and replied, "What?"

I bet he's gonna go blabber on about one of those crazy confession ideas that he gets from watching too many dramas. I mean, those things only happen in dramas and I doubt they'll work in a real-life situation like mine.

"HYUNG!! This is your chance! Sharing the same bed, same room, on vaca, at a beach, a PRIVATE beach in this GREAT weather! YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TIME! Okay, so you're gonna go be coming out the shower, right? And then you 'trip' over some clothes on the floor and then you fall on top of him and 'accidentally' kiss him!!" Hyunmin blurted out, panting, trying to catch his breath from all that talking.

Wow. This is probably the most decent ideas he's thought of. But really? What's the chances of hyung being RIGHT there when I come out the shower and of me actually falling on top of him? I admit I'm clumsy but tripping over flat ground?.. Wait.. Nevermind.. I actually DO trip over flat ground OTZ

"Wow, I'm shocked it's not one of those crazy ideas with the one you said about dressing up in a cute girly outfit and seducing him." I replied.

"Hyunmin hyung!! Where are you?! You promised me you'd help me unpack my stuff!!" I heard baby Jihwanie's voice echoing through the hallway.

"Ah! I forgot! I gotta go help Jihwanie but think about it, k?" Hyunmin said, staring at me with glistening eyes, still smiling like a maniac.

I couldn't help but chuckle at his weirdness and shooed him out my room. I saw hyung climbing up the stairs with his bags and I rushed over to help him carry some into our room.

He gave me a small grin and thanked me and I felt my stomach do a double sumersault and butterflies fluttering inside. I shot him one of my 'your welcome' grins and went to unpack my things. I had a feeling this just might the best vacation we'll ever have. I'm gonna build the courage to confess my love to him and put all my negative thoughts aside.

With all my clothes neatly put into the closet (because I cant stand digging throught my bag to find my things) and my toiletries put in the bathroom counter, I plopped down the bed and stared at the cieling with a bright smile across my face.

"You sure seem happy about coming to a country on the other side of the world in a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with people we cant even commute with!" Suhoon hyung teased, laying down beside me. xD

"Well, aren't you?? It's not every day we get to rent out a house at a private beach for just the five of us, and Jisang hyung and Gwanchullie, away from the busy streets and fangirls bombarding us all the time!" ^^

He chuckled and said, "You're right xD Well I'm about to take a shower but.. You wanna go first?" He's always so considerate about everything, including who takes showers first. Maybe it's cause he takes the longest..

"Sure," I replied.

I grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I set my towel down and admired the fancy bathroom we get to use for the next week. I looked in the mirror and It was spotless. Wow, I thought to myself.

Deciding its best not to get distracted since hyung's waiting, I stripped and entered the shower.


"Hyunchul-ah, you almost done?" I heard Suhoon hyung knocking on the door as I dried myself off.

Shit. My clothes.. I was so busy thinking about him that I forgot about bringing clothes. Dammit! T T;;

"Y-yea!" I stuttered.

With no other choice, I wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the door, peeking my head out, only to see Suhoon hyung chuckling as he saw me blushing a bright red.

"Forgot your clothes again, didnt you?" Suhoon hyung asked, with an amused smile.

I nodded, biting my lower lip and shuffled out the bathroom to grab my boxers and undershirt, but before I reached the closet, I felt my body plunging forward after I noticed that I just tripped over flat ground from being the clutz I am. I shut my eyes and hoped for the best until I felt something soft crashing onto my lips. I opened my eyes and I couldn't believe what I saw.

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Wuahaha how cute! XD Keep going! I'm curious about whats going to happen next!*^*
Your writing style is unique, i've never read fic with this style so I still have to get used to it but I like how detailed everything's written ^^
Hwaiting for the next chapters!\O/
Aw~ thank yu ^^ finally got a commenter ._. /feels loved. <3
Im glad yu liked it tho~~ ^^ hehe :3 ch 2 is up alredy if yu want to read it xD